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Donaldson Torit Cartridge Dust Collectors

Donaldson Torit Cartridge Dust Collector

Choose cleaner air with Donaldson Torit advanced-technology cartridge dust collectors and a variety of filter media that conquer the challenges of most types of industrial dusts, including pharmaceutical, chemical, grain, bulk/powder, food, metal and others.

A Tradition of Setting Dust Collection Standards

In the 1970’s, the Torit TD was the first cartridge dust and fume collector to use pulse-jet, self-cleaning cartridge filter technology developed by the Donaldson® Company, Inc. Then in the early 80’s Torit® again set the standard in dust collection by taking full advantage of the law of gravity with the introduction of the Downflo® cartridge dust collector, delivering extremely high collection efficiency while consuming less energy. Today, our multitude of cartridge collector configurations, sizes, and options allows you to get cleaner plant air, in exactly the way you need it.

Innovative Filter Media – the Heart of the Dust Collector

Donaldson’s exclusive, patented Ultra-Web® nanofiber filter media is engineered to deliver cleaner air, longer filter life, and lower operating costs. Ultra-Web filter cartridges are provided standard on all Donaldson® Torit® cartridge dust collectors, and are available from our Aftermarket department to upgrade the performance of other popular brands of cartridge collectors.

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